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Love Language Video to Support a Good Cause: A Must Watch

What Is The Song She is Listening To?

A Love Language is More Than the Words That You Speak.

This great short film was made by the Jubilee Project to help raise awareness and support the American Society for Deaf Children. Though the video took a little while to get started, its message speaks volumes.

The video starts out with the young man’s attempts to get to know the young lady sitting on the bench next to him. Though she doesn’t seem to interested, he is persistent. Very sweetly, he starts passing messages to her via post-it notes.

The one thing he asks is if he can hear the song she is listening to, but she won’t let him. At the very end when they get to know each other, she reveals that she has never been listening to a song, but is in fact deaf. He lets her know she is STILL BEAUTIFUL.

This video made me a little teary-eyed. Share this video to help support the American Society of Deaf Children.

Funny Video of Father Interviewing Infant Son

1 Year Old Son Has Funny Responses to Father’s Questions

Should a Father Talk to His Son Like That?

What a cute little boy! This video is so funny, I really enjoyed watching it. The Father made the video and did a great job. I am sure they will enjoy looking back one day and laughing at these.

My favorite part is when he asks his son why he always “pees through the diaper”. They did a great job making the boy’s responses flow so well.

And I love the part of the video where he says his mom “hits the turtles”! The Father’s response is priceless.

This is such a cute video.


Great Ideas for Kid’s Birthday Parties

Creative Ideas for Memorable Birthday Parties for Children of All Ages

Fun Crafts That Will Keep Your Guests Entertained

It seems like most kid’s birthday parties are generic and boring. This great video offers some fun and inexpensive ideas of how to make your child’s birthday one to remember.

I love how she has creative ideas for all different age groups. I think my favorite idea is for the invitations. By writing the invitation out with white crayon on printer paper, you can pass them out with a colored marker. The invited guest will have fun revealing the message when they use the marker to color over the white crayon.

All these ideas would make for a great birthday party. The only thing you would need to make it better is a bounce house or cotton candy machine!

Megaphone Used to Make an Order at McDonalds Drive-Thru

Customer Wants to Make Sure His Order is Heard LOUD and CLEAR

Did He Think His Order from McDonald’s was Wrong?

I wonder if the McDonald’s cashier realized that the driver was using a megaphone to place his order thru the Drive-thru. He says he wanted to make sure they heard his order correctly! I bet the cashier’s ears who took the order were hurting from how loud the man was speaking.

My favorite part was when he said he ordered the Big and Tasty, and he says it was neither Big or Tasty.

I wonder why he through the food out at the end. Was it because he thought they spit in it?

Cute Video of Bulldog Puppies Learning to Walk

Watch these Cute Puppies Learning to Walk

Video: Bulldog Puppies Learn To Walk

“Watching These Adorable Puppies Makes You Want to Kick Them”  -Fred Zimmerman

How could anyone want to harm these cute, defenseless little puppies? They are so adorable! All you should want to do is hold them and help them along.

They have such cute little faces and pudgy rolls. If Bulldog puppies didn’t cost over $1000, I would be tempted to go buy one for myself! But I would be afraid that Fred would hurt it.

This is such a cute video!