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Bounce House Tricks - Cotton Candy Machine Rental Ct

Amazing Jump, Does this Guy need a Trampoline?

This is one crazy Jump with out the aid of a Trampoline

That is just insane that a man can Jump and flip like that

How in the world do you train for something like that.  I don’t think that guy would need a bounce house, a moonbounce, a trampoline or anything to help him get a little more up.

I can’t even do one flip on a trampoline with out probably hurting myself, this guy is just nuts.

Maybe he could top off this extreme jump by dunking a Basketball or something else

The Ultimate Bounce House Video

One of the Largest Bounce Houses in the World

An Unconventional Bounce House that is Made Entirely of Trampolines

Bounce houses are usually a fun pass time for children– unless you are talking about a bounce house like the one featured in this great video! This looks like it would be fun for the young and old alike (unless you are really really old).

I love watching this video and seeing how the boy does countless back flips almost effortlessly. I am sure that it has taken a lot of practice. I wonder if he ever hit his head on one of the padded dividers. Yikes!

I wonder if you could ever rent a bounce house this big!?

P.S. I wouldn’t try any of these tricks on your trampoline at home!