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Connecticut Bounce House Rentals

We Rent Bounce Houses in Connecticut


connecticut bounce house rentals

If you need a Bounce house Give us a Call

(860) 303-2762

We can help with your kids birthday needs.  A bounce house always seems to be a hit and we also rent out cotton candy machines.  We have Sugar and Cones also available upon request.  We also deliver to your location and pick up when the party is over.

We service most of eastern Connecticut and are located in the Ledyard, New London, Norwich Area.  We offer competitive pricing for Bouncehouses and can match most any price.

Call us for you Moon Bounce Rentals in Ct.

Talented Young Girl plays “Hold Me” by Jamie Grace on Her Ukulele

Young Child a Talented Singer and Musician

A Cute Video of Two Young Sisters Singing a Popular Christian Song

Many people have heard the catchy song “Hold Me” by Jamie Grace but have not heard of this great rendition by the young and talented Mandi and Olivia.

It is wonderful to see such talent at a young age and to see the talent displayed in such an innocent manner rather than exploited like some recent viral videos.

This is such a cute video and definitely one that your whole family will enjoy! Maybe in a few years we will be hearing both Jamie Grace and the young Mandi on the radio!

Cute little Snoring Hamster Caught on Video

Snoring Hamster Maybe the Most Viral snoring animal

The Little Snoring Hamster is an internet Rock Star

This little hamster has to be one of the cutest little critters caught on video.  This little guy was captured on video snoring away.  Of course all kinds of animals snore, but this snoring hamster has to have one of the most unique sleeping sounds on video to date.

Now there is a video of a sleeping humming-bird that it probably just as cute, but I don’t decide.  The Snoring Humming bird seems to be more of a whistler then anything else.

Watch This Snoring Humming-Bird Viral Video

Video of Snoring Humming Bird has gone Viral

I don’t know if this Is a Snoring Humming Bird or a Whistling One?

This Video caught in Peru of a Snoring humming-bird has swept across the internet and has made it somewhat of a celebrity.  How on earth someone could get so close to a sleeping humming-bird seems impossible to me.

I can barely get close enough to a feeder when the little birds come to feed with out scaring them away.

Cute Snoring Birds Are Famous on YouTube.  Here is another one people love these days.

Video of Sleeping Duckling Gone Viral


How to Use a Cotton Candy Machine Tutorial Video

Easy Step by Step Process of Using a Cotton Candy Machine

So Easy, Anyone Can Use a Cotton Candy Machine

University of Wisconsin-Madison Professor of Food Engineering Richard Harte made a great video tutorial of how to use a cotton candy machine. This is a great and informative video for people who have recently purchased a cotton candy machine or are looking to rent one for an event.

Cotton candy machines are great additions for events like block parties, carnivals, or even a child’s birthday party! Who can resist the sugary sweet snack?

If you are looking to rent a cotton candy machine, make sure you give us a call!

Husband Makes Wife Sweet Birthday Video Weeks Before Dying of Cancer

Kristian Anderson Makes Moving Video for Wife’s Birthday Weeks Before He Passes

This is a Touching Video the Wife will Cherish Forever

Krisitan Anderson was diagnosed with cancer in October 2009 and immediately started chemotherapy after that. He had been battling cancer for a long time while trying to raise his young sons with his wife.

His battle was not easy, but could not be fought alone. Weeks before he died, he made a video to thank his wife for all of her love and support. He even enlisted the help from the Prime Minister of New Zealand, John Key, and also the famous actor Hugh Jackman.

RIP Kristian Anderson

Paralyzed Puppy Thrown Away In Trash Miraculously Saved

Pit Bull Puppy Left to Die in Trash Bag

Pit Bull Rescue Worker Saves Pup and Nurses it Back to Health.

What a beautiful little puppy! I love the grey fur and blue eyes. I am not a big fan of Pit bulls, but who could ever just toss a puppy into a trash bag to die?

I know sometimes putting an animal down is the best thing, but I feel like there are plenty of more humane ways then just tossing it in a trash bag!

Thankfully, a Pit Bull rescuer happened to walk by and hear the puppy whimpering from inside the trash bag. She rescued him and within days, the once paralyzed pup was taking its first steps!

Watch this heart warming video to hear the remarkable story!

Easy DIY Art- Transferring Photo to Block of Wood

A Simple and creative art project also can be done on canvas.

Learn how to transfer photo from printer paper onto block of wood.

With all the new craft blogs and sites like Pinetrest, people are venturing out and being more creative. With all the resources of new ideas, why not?

Here is a super easy and fun project that can be done by nearly anyone. All you will need is a wood block, a printed picture, gel medium, Modge Podge, and a paint brush.

Once you are finished making your project, you can proudly display it for all to see. This would also make great Christmas, birthday, or anniversary gifts!