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Family Friendly Funny Videos - Cotton Candy Machine Rental Ct

Talented Young Girl plays “Hold Me” by Jamie Grace on Her Ukulele

Young Child a Talented Singer and Musician

A Cute Video of Two Young Sisters Singing a Popular Christian Song

Many people have heard the catchy song “Hold Me” by Jamie Grace but have not heard of this great rendition by the young and talented Mandi and Olivia.

It is wonderful to see such talent at a young age and to see the talent displayed in such an innocent manner rather than exploited like some recent viral videos.

This is such a cute video and definitely one that your whole family will enjoy! Maybe in a few years we will be hearing both Jamie Grace and the young Mandi on the radio!

Husband Makes Wife Sweet Birthday Video Weeks Before Dying of Cancer

Kristian Anderson Makes Moving Video for Wife’s Birthday Weeks Before He Passes

This is a Touching Video the Wife will Cherish Forever

Krisitan Anderson was diagnosed with cancer in October 2009 and immediately started chemotherapy after that. He had been battling cancer for a long time while trying to raise his young sons with his wife.

His battle was not easy, but could not be fought alone. Weeks before he died, he made a video to thank his wife for all of her love and support. He even enlisted the help from the Prime Minister of New Zealand, John Key, and also the famous actor Hugh Jackman.

RIP Kristian Anderson

Funny Video: Only Funny becuase it’s so Bad I think

Who thought of this funny video?

This Video is not all that funny but it’s just bad

This guy is something else.  There have been a lot of people liking this video, but I think it might just be people feeling so bad for the guy.

The special effects had to take some time, but maybe that time could have been spent on writing a better script.

I give the Video no thumbs up, and an F for effort.

Mother Poses Sleeping Baby for Funny Pictures

Video of Pictures taken of Sleeping Baby

Mother Creates Fun Scenes with Sleeping Baby

This baby must be a heavy sleeper! The mother, Adele Enersenposed her daughter in very creative scenes and took pictures.

Mommy must have gotten bored while she was watching her daughter snooze and decided to have a little fun! She is said to have gathered some things she had on hand and to make props and costumes.

I really enjoyed looking at all of her pictures. My favorites were the mermaid, the astronaut, and the elephant ride. I am sure these are pictures their family will treasure forever.

Maybe the mom can make them all into a book!

Funny Video of Father Interviewing Infant Son

1 Year Old Son Has Funny Responses to Father’s Questions

Should a Father Talk to His Son Like That?

What a cute little boy! This video is so funny, I really enjoyed watching it. The Father made the video and did a great job. I am sure they will enjoy looking back one day and laughing at these.

My favorite part is when he asks his son why he always “pees through the diaper”. They did a great job making the boy’s responses flow so well.

And I love the part of the video where he says his mom “hits the turtles”! The Father’s response is priceless.

This is such a cute video.


Grumpy Old Muppets Love the Internet

Why do the Muppets Characters Statler and Waldorf use the Internet?

The Internet is full of Sarcastic Comments and Nasty Responses

Did you watch the Muppets growing up? For many they are a staple of their childhood memories. My favorite character was always Kermit the Frog because I loved the color GREEN!

Many People like the Muppets Characters Statler and Waldorf because they are so funny. This video does a great job portraying this sarcastic sense of humor!

As being apart of blogs, many probably know that some comments are mean and rude. It is funny how this blog pokes fun at those!

And P.S. Puppets would make a great addition to any kids party!

Funny Video of exploding Hammers — Crazy Fellows

Why is the Video Called Exploding Hammers?

Who has ever thought of a sport like an exploding hammer Competition?

I don’t know how people think of these things, but this looks like one of the most intensely dangerous competitions known to man.

Wow, Swinging Sledge Hammers onto TNT!  Sounds like something straight from the Looney Tunes.  Or maybe even the three stooges?

The Crazy thing is these people actually are not doing it as a joke.  It makes for a funny video, but the people into this sport are extremist of sorts.  I wonder why this sport hasn’t caught on in the United States yet?

Great Ideas for Kid’s Birthday Parties

Creative Ideas for Memorable Birthday Parties for Children of All Ages

Fun Crafts That Will Keep Your Guests Entertained

It seems like most kid’s birthday parties are generic and boring. This great video offers some fun and inexpensive ideas of how to make your child’s birthday one to remember.

I love how she has creative ideas for all different age groups. I think my favorite idea is for the invitations. By writing the invitation out with white crayon on printer paper, you can pass them out with a colored marker. The invited guest will have fun revealing the message when they use the marker to color over the white crayon.

All these ideas would make for a great birthday party. The only thing you would need to make it better is a bounce house or cotton candy machine!