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DIY Video - Cotton Candy Machine Rental Ct

How to Use a Cotton Candy Machine Tutorial Video

Easy Step by Step Process of Using a Cotton Candy Machine

So Easy, Anyone Can Use a Cotton Candy Machine

University of Wisconsin-Madison Professor of Food Engineering Richard Harte made a great video tutorial of how to use a cotton candy machine. This is a great and informative video for people who have recently purchased a cotton candy machine or are looking to rent one for an event.

Cotton candy machines are great additions for events like block parties, carnivals, or even a child’s birthday party! Who can resist the sugary sweet snack?

If you are looking to rent a cotton candy machine, make sure you give us a call!

Easy DIY Art- Transferring Photo to Block of Wood

A Simple and creative art project also can be done on canvas.

Learn how to transfer photo from printer paper onto block of wood.

With all the new craft blogs and sites like Pinetrest, people are venturing out and being more creative. With all the resources of new ideas, why not?

Here is a super easy and fun project that can be done by nearly anyone. All you will need is a wood block, a printed picture, gel medium, Modge Podge, and a paint brush.

Once you are finished making your project, you can proudly display it for all to see. This would also make great Christmas, birthday, or anniversary gifts!