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Funny Video of exploding Hammers — Crazy Fellows

Why is the Video Called Exploding Hammers?

Who has ever thought of a sport like an exploding hammer Competition?

I don’t know how people think of these things, but this looks like one of the most intensely dangerous competitions known to man.

Wow, Swinging Sledge Hammers onto TNT!  Sounds like something straight from the Looney Tunes.  Or maybe even the three stooges?

The Crazy thing is these people actually are not doing it as a joke.  It makes for a funny video, but the people into this sport are extremist of sorts.  I wonder why this sport hasn’t caught on in the United States yet?

Why are all these Dolphins Dying along the Beaches?

Why are all these poor little Dolphins Dead?

Many Dolphins found dead and the reason is a mystery

This is a mystery as to why so many dolphins were found washed up dead along the beaches.  There really are no credible theories as to why this is happening.

Dolphin Lovers are going to be heart broken to read a report like this.  PETA will no doubt be disturbed, but who to go after for an event like this still remains a mystery.

The Authors of this Blog are heart broken to hear this news

What do you think happened to the dolphins in this video?

Funny Video of a Hungry Dog Teased by Owner

A wishful dog hoping to get a special treat from its owner

Who knew dogs could talk?

This poor puppy only wanted a treat from its master, sadly all he got was a little tantalizing and viral web fame! Even the cat got a special treat.

This is one of the funniest videos on the web. Everyone loves cute animals. Many people have attempted to make voice over videos but have not been succesful. This video was done very well.

This is a great, clean video… one that can be shared with the whole family! Hopefully since this pooch made the video famous, he got rewarded with a treat.





Funny Video of Cotton Candy Machine Prank

Use a Cotton Candy Machine to Prank your Neighbors

Too Much Cotton Candy Can be Dangerous!

Have you ever seen kids who can’t seem to eat enough cotton candy? With all that sugar, some youngsters will do anything to get their hands on another cone of the confectionary treat! In the case of this video, it looks like nothing could stop the little boy from getting more.

The little boy caused quite the scare for the onlookers. As they turn around, to their surprise was little boy trapped in the cotton candy machine! Thankfully they were able to pull him out without any harm.

What a funny prank to pull on your neighboors, but warning, don’t try this prank using a real cotton candy machine!