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Connecticut Bounce House Rentals

We Rent Bounce Houses in Connecticut


connecticut bounce house rentals

If you need a Bounce house Give us a Call

(860) 303-2762

We can help with your kids birthday needs.  A bounce house always seems to be a hit and we also rent out cotton candy machines.  We have Sugar and Cones also available upon request.  We also deliver to your location and pick up when the party is over.

We service most of eastern Connecticut and are located in the Ledyard, New London, Norwich Area.  We offer competitive pricing for Bouncehouses and can match most any price.

Call us for you Moon Bounce Rentals in Ct.

Cute little Snoring Hamster Caught on Video

Snoring Hamster Maybe the Most Viral snoring animal

The Little Snoring Hamster is an internet Rock Star

This little hamster has to be one of the cutest little critters caught on video.  This little guy was captured on video snoring away.  Of course all kinds of animals snore, but this snoring hamster has to have one of the most unique sleeping sounds on video to date.

Now there is a video of a sleeping humming-bird that it probably just as cute, but I don’t decide.  The Snoring Humming bird seems to be more of a whistler then anything else.

Watch This Snoring Humming-Bird Viral Video

Video of Snoring Humming Bird has gone Viral

I don’t know if this Is a Snoring Humming Bird or a Whistling One?

This Video caught in Peru of a Snoring humming-bird has swept across the internet and has made it somewhat of a celebrity.  How on earth someone could get so close to a sleeping humming-bird seems impossible to me.

I can barely get close enough to a feeder when the little birds come to feed with out scaring them away.

Cute Snoring Birds Are Famous on YouTube.  Here is another one people love these days.

Video of Sleeping Duckling Gone Viral


Man With No Arms and Legs Marries Wife

Watch this man with no Arms and Legs Talk about Importance of God

Man Born with Out Arms and Legs is a Motivational Speaker

This man has some of the toughest circumstances any man has ever had to go though.  But he maintains a Positive out look on life.  In fact, he is a motivational speaker that is not ashamed of his belief in God.

He even states it would be worse to have arms and legs and not know God.  This would probably upset atheist, but they probably couldn’t understand how this man can be positive in such circumstances

Way to Go Nick with the New marriage!

Man Survives 2 months Trapped in his Snow Covered Car

The man lived in his car for the last two months

This man only lived on snow for the Last Two Months

This is really hard to wrap my brain around.  How could a man live In a car covered in snow for 2 months with out any food.  I have heard stories of people fasting for around 40 days before, but this man was in the freezing cold.

How could he not freeze to death.  And to think the only thing he had to drink was frozen water, in the middle of being endlessly cold for almost 2 months.

Thank God he’s Alive!

Dog Lovers and PETA Activists Needed

This Video is for all the Dog Lovers out there

Share and Like this Video to help feed a dog By Pedigree

Kinda of an interesting theme that Pedigree will feed a dog for every time this video is shared and liked.  Interesting they say they would like to feed 500,000 bowls of dog food across this nation.

If Dogs could type I’m sure they would love to get their paws on this video.

If the video was shared and liked that much, then that would mean the video would have gone viral.  That is a lot of times to be liked and shared on the web, but maybe Pedigree can do it.

Funny Video: Only Funny becuase it’s so Bad I think

Who thought of this funny video?

This Video is not all that funny but it’s just bad

This guy is something else.  There have been a lot of people liking this video, but I think it might just be people feeling so bad for the guy.

The special effects had to take some time, but maybe that time could have been spent on writing a better script.

I give the Video no thumbs up, and an F for effort.

Amazing Jump, Does this Guy need a Trampoline?

This is one crazy Jump with out the aid of a Trampoline

That is just insane that a man can Jump and flip like that

How in the world do you train for something like that.  I don’t think that guy would need a bounce house, a moonbounce, a trampoline or anything to help him get a little more up.

I can’t even do one flip on a trampoline with out probably hurting myself, this guy is just nuts.

Maybe he could top off this extreme jump by dunking a Basketball or something else