Bounce House Rentals and Cotton Candy Machine Rentals CT

Cotton Candy Machine Rentals and Bounce House Rentals


Are you looking for a Bounce house and Cotton Candy Machine for your next party? Look no further!

We offer party rental supplies for the great state of Connecticut, call us today for a free consultation.

Whether you are having a kid’s birthday party, school function, or church picnic– cotton candy and bounce houses guarantee a blast.

connecticut bounce house rentals

With low prices and quality products, our bounce house rentals are guaranteed to please. Our bounce house comfortably holds up to five children at a time and has a neutral theme accommodating any type of party!

Call for your Bounce House Rental Today! 860-591-5457


Cotton Candy Machine Connecticut

Cotton Candy machine rentals offer a treat to people of all ages! The excitement of watching the cotton candy be made right before your eyes is an extra bonus ;)

Call for your Cotton Candy Machine Rental Today! 860-591-5457

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